Quick Release with Safety Latch

To mount your Video Camera, Still Camera, or other Electronic devices


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The all new Quick Release Electronics Motorcycle Mount with Safety Latch (QREMM-SL) has been designed especially for the motorcycle rider who wants to protect his or her electronic equipment.

The QREMM-SL system includes the Quick Release base, attachment plate and Ram Ball. Mounting brackets for your specific electronic equipment completes the installation, making for a fast secure way to install & remove your electronics.

The Safety Latch locks the release lever in place and helps deters walk-by theft and accidental opening of the release lever while riding.

Video Demos

  • QREMM –SL Features:

  • A very secure, state of the art, quick release mechanism with built-in safety latch to prevent accidental release. (See below).

  • RAM ball that reduces vibration, has incredible positioning options & attaches to your RAM-Mount Arm.

  • Almost unlimited mounting positions with the RAM-Mount System.

  • Mounts and un-mounts on your motorcycle handlebars in seconds.

  • Rugged, 12 gage brackets secures Electronics to QR plate and reduces vibration.

  • Will not Rust.