Tips and Tricks

  1. Moving your GPS between your motorcycle and your automobile
  2. Switching between your GPS and video camera
  3. Easy removal of the IWAY GPS power cord
  4. Video Taping 101


1) Moving your IWay 500c between your motorcycle and your automobile


To facilitate moving your IWay 500c between your motorcycle and your automobile, without having to remove and/or re-adjust the QREMM mounting bracket on your motorcycle, do the following:

  1. Attach the plastic RAM quick release, that was supplied with your IWay, to the rear of the new metal bracket using the new 3/4 inch stainless steel bolts supplied.

  2. Both the RAM quick release and the new metal bracket supplied by Mounting Innovations should now be attached to the rear of the GPS.
  3. Attach the suction cup that was supplied with your purchase of the IWay, an additional RAM arm and the RAM quick release attachment plate onto the windshield of your automobile.
  4. Use the Plastic RAM quick release to attach your IWay 500c to the RAM arm in your auto. (See picture)
  5. To attach it to your motorcycle, just click it back into the Quick Release base, set the thumb latch, set the safety latch and you're ready to go.


2) Switching between your GPS and Video Camera


  1. Purchase a QREMM-MP mounting plate and attach it to the bottom of your video camera.
  2. Remove the GPS and mount the video camera.
  3. Zoom the camera all the way out to reduce shaking.
  4. Activate "Steady Hand" if your camera has this function.


You may have to re-adjust the position of the Mounting brace until you find that "sweet" spot that works for both your GPS and video camera.



3) Easy Removal of the IWAY GPS Power Cord

To make it easier to remove and and insert the GPS power cord:

  1. Remove the power cord from the GPS

  2. Carefully shave off the rubber ribbing on the plug.

Note: Mounting Innovations is not responsible for any damage that may arise from shaving off the rubber ribbing.



4) Video Taping 101

A Simple guide to get quality video of your ride.

  1. Set up.

    Mount your camera to get the best possible view.

    If shooting through your windshield make sure you:

  2. Have a clean windshield

  3. Position the camera to reduce glare

  4. Zoom in just a little to reduce any reflection of the windshield.

  1. Video Taping.

    Rule of thumb:

    • 80% of what you tape should be edited out.

    • Most people will get bored after 10 minutes of video.

    • Edit, Edit, Edit

    Don't be afraid to stop, remove your camera and tape scenes or action that are on the side of the road.

    Use the zoom sparingly.

    Include yourself in the video. 

    • Set the video up on the side of the road and drive by.

    • Have someone video tape you getting on your bike and driving away.


  2. Audio

    Overdub narrative and music when editing.

    Music sets the mood... choose it to enhance your video.

    Dynamics in music can capture your audiences attention.


  3. Editing

    There are many great editing software packages on the market today.

    Obviously the better the software package, the more it costs.

    I use Adobe Premiere bundled with the Matrox RT2000 card.

    For an entry level software I recommend:

    •  Sony Vegas - 4 levels of video , multiple effects and audio

    •  Pinnacle Studio Deluxe - Basic editing with lots of effects

      (Its a memory hog and eats up lots of CPU resources).

    • Ulead Multimedia

    For software review and comparisons go to:


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**Remember to ride safely and do all your adjustments before you start your ride.**